Ancient & Modern Optics

About AMO

Based in central London, AMO serves clients worldwide. Recent projects have involved collaboration with groups as local as within London - just a few miles away from the AMO Meeting Rooms in Covent Garden, and as distant as New South Wales (Australia).

Members of the AMO team visit clients at their facilities whenever appropriate - for design meetings, presentations to end-users, or to give training courses in optics and optical design.

The scientists who work on AMO projects all have PhDs in Physics/Engineering, and considerable experience in research and development in the design of optical systems, particularly those using lenses made of polymers. Our collective experience includes projects which range from a large airborne LIDAR telescope to micro-miniature medical optics, with wavelengths from the ultraviolet to terahertz.

AMO not only provides consultancy services in this specialist area, but also training in optical design in general, and in the use of OSLOTM software in particular. We are pioneering the development of specialised multilingual teaching materials for the next generation of lens designers. AMO is continually updating its courses, see the "Resources" section of this website for further details..


As consultants, AMO project work is customer-led and tailored to individual requirements. If we are not the most appropriate source of advice and support then we can usually suggest another group or solution. All design projects are carried out in a way which respects the intellectual property rights of the clients, and, where requested, their commercial confidentiality.